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Why Color theory is important for website

For this let us understand the colors first. 

1. Red – It is the most powerful color and has the longest wavelength. It grabs the first attention. It is strong, energetic, sensual, stimulating and courageous. At the same time, it also symbolizes danger, aggression and demand.

2. Blue – Blue is a soothing color and relates to the mind. We react to it mentally. It stimulates transparency and aids in concentration. The positive reflection of blue can be seen in intelligence, trust, promise, efficiency, duty, logic and communication. Negatively, blue symbolizes coldness, unemotional and unfriendly.

3. Green – Green requires no adjustment of the eyes. Green is restful. Also, it occurs in the center of spectrum and hence is the color of balance. Positively, it symbolizes harmony, refreshment, rest, environment and peace. Negatively, it represents stagnation, boredom and fatigue.

4. Yellow – It is an emotional color. It can be said to be the happiest color. It has a long wavelength and hence it is stimulating. Yellow lifts our spirits, gives us confidence and instills optimism. Too much yellow however, has a reverse effect and confuses the perceiver. The positive effects of yellow are optimism, confidence, friendliness, happiness and self esteem. Negative influences of yellow are fear, depression, anxiety and fragility.

5. Orange – It is a secondary color, a combination of red and yellow. Hence, it stimulates both physically and emotionally. It focuses on food and warmth. Too much orange shows lack of seriousness. The positive influences of orange are comfort, security, fun and warmth, while its negative influences are frustration and immaturity.

6. White – White is a total reflection. It reflects the entire spectrum. It signifies hygiene, clarity, purity, peace, simplicity and efficiency. Negatively, it signifies coldness, sadness and unfriendliness.

7. Black – Black is total absorption. It has considerable psychological implications. It is a color of sophistication and goes very well with white. Black signifies sophistication, glamour, efficiency and substance. It can also be considered as a negative color. It signifies oppression, coldness, selfishness and heaviness.

8. Grey – This color is said to have no psychological properties of its own. It is a color of hibernation and has a dampening, gloomy effect.

 Now you might have understood the importance of color as a convention. Choose Wisely.